New flatness gauge start-up at Posco hot strip mill in Gwangyang, Korea

POSCO has bought two VeriShape flatness measurement systems from Shapeline for the hot strip mills in the Gwangyang works, whereof the first one has been installed in HSM#4. The system has been installed after the accelerated cooling to improve the cooling profile and produce strips with better flatness and more even steel grades.

The second system is planned to be installed in another line in July this year.

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SSAB Special Steels orders five new Shapeline systems

Shapeline’s biggest order ever. SSAB Special Steels heavy plate mill in Oxelösund, Sweden has ordered five new Shapeline VeriFlex systems for precision flatness measurement of heavy plates.

The new systems will replace five existing systems in plate leveling, finishing, normalizing and shearing lines. The new ShapeCAT-solution developed by Shapeline has taken a giant leap forward compared to the alternatives. With the precision of the new systems, production companies will be able to tune their processes much better and together with Shapeline.  Continue reading

Shapeline at Rolling 2016

Between the 6th and the 9th of June the Rolling 2016 conference in Graz, Austria, took place. Shapeline was represented by Dr. Pär Kierkegaard, Director of Marketing and Vice President, who presented a paper on hot band measurement titled Optical strip flatness and shape measurement in hot strip mills.

The main challenges with optical measurement under hot conditions, such as heat shimmering, calibration and performance are addressed and the solutions described. The system also measures ski, crossbow, width, off-center and has a potential for camber measurement. Results from the measurements are also reported in the paper.

Read the full paper here.

Shapeline at AISTech 2016


This year’s AISTech-show took place in Pittsburgh, PA and was one of the largest AIST shows so far with over 7500 attendees (read more). Shapeline was present as usual and had the new VeriFlat®-sensor on display. The sensor was fully operational and demonstrated real-time measurement on a moving sheet in the booth, which caused a fair bit of attention. On Tuesday night, the annual Hospitality suite was arranged in the nearby Westin hotel by Shapeline and partners. It was the biggest hospitality suite so far with live music, two bars, food and several hundred guests. An event to look out for next year!

All in all, the spirit on the show was more optimistic than before, hopefully yet another sign that there is an up-turn in the global steel industry.

Shapeline to receive Farrington Award

Last year Shapeline presented a paper titled: “A new generation optical flatness measurement systems” on the steel conference at AISTech in Cleveland. The paper was then selected to be published in Iron and Steel Technology, December 2015 and then received the 2016 Farrington Award price. Dr Pär Kierkegaard will receive the price on this year’s AISTech show. Continue reading

Shapeline System for Hot Applications

Shapeline has developed a system for hot band measurement based on laser lines instead of laser points or white light.

Flatness measurement sensors for hot strip mills have been used for a long time and most mills have some kind of flatness/shape measurement today. However, accurate flatness measurement under hot conditions often leads to inaccurate and unreliable results. Strip speed, heat shimmering, cumbersome calibration, water and moist are factors that complicates the measurement.  Continue reading

Shapeline at CONAC 2016

Quality Alliance booth at CONAC 2016

Shapeline local representative, Paloma Gonzales from ICE presented a Shapeline paper titled: “Developments and Benefits from Optical Flatness Measurement in Strip Processing Lines”. The paper describes the differences between optical and contact based flatness gauges and where the two different techniques can be used. We thank Mrs Paloma for an excellent presentation.

The full paper can be downloaded here.

WISDRI, China, has ordered a Shapeline VeriFlat sensor

The Chinese Technical Institute WISDRI, China, has ordered a Shapeline flatness measurement system for their new skin-pass / levelling process WISDRI CLPT-DS, to be supplied to Rizhao Steel, China.

WISDRI, the technical institute located in Wuhan, Hubei province, China has ordered a Shapeline VeriFlat flatness measurement sensor for their new WISDRI CLPT-DS concept – a new, innovative line concept for a combined roll leveler and skin-pass process for advanced strip steel materials. The new line will be started up at the Rizhao mill during the early fall 2016. Continue reading

New President at Shapeline

Helmut Hackl will take up the position as President of Shapeline as of May 1st, 2016, as Magnus Titus will leave Shapeline for new operative challenges outside the company.

Shapeline AB VD-byte
Picture: – Magnus Titus (left) welcomes Helmut Hackl (right) to Shapeline

Helmut has already started at Shapeline, working together with Magnus to ensure a smooth transition in the company’s management.

Mr. Hackl has a M.Sc. in Metallurgy from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and a long background within the ABB Group, including several management positions in ABB’s Steel & Metal business segments. He comes latest from a position as Vice President – Business Development for the Steel & Metals industry.
“I’m very honored to take up this challenge. Shapeline is the market leader in flatness measurement solutions, and with new exciting products on the way to the market. I’m looking forward to a great future.” says Helmut. Continue reading