Shapeline further improves flatness for Hugo Vogelsang GmbH

Shapeline is growing the number of deliveries to the quality conscious German steel market. This time it is the long term customer Hugo Vogelsang that has received their fourth Shapeline 500 system. As with the other delivered systems, the new system will through precision crossbow measurements enable Hugo Vogelsang to adjust hardening parameters and assure quality of delivered products.

Shapeline CEO, Pär Kierkegaard, PhD, says:”Our seven year history of delivering flatness measurement systems to Hugo Vogelsang proves that a company determined to keep their quality advantage find our equipment the best tool for flatness control. We are proud of being an important factor why Hugo Vogelsang, and other European makers of quality steel products, continue their world leadership.”

Mr. Hartmut Heckermann, Dipl.-Ing. and Managing Director at Hugo Vogelsang says: “Shapeline has shown that with their systems we can hold on to our leading-quality approach.” He continues: “Our current first three systems have proven that not only is the information they provide correct and useful, but also that they and Shapeline are reliable components in our highly efficient production process. We are together with Shapeline looking at possibilities to use the systems also for other purposes than we currently use and expect our relation to continue for many years to come.”

About Hugo Vogelsang GmbH
HUGO VOGELSANG has earned international recognition as a producer of hardened and unhardened quality and high-grade steel strip. The basis of this success is a combination of decades of experience, precision and flexibility as well as trustful cooperation with industrial end-users.
As a company within the private owned BILSTEIN-Group. HUGO VOGELSANG has developed into one of the leading producers of hardened quality and high-grade steel strip.
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