Shapeline presents at Quality Days in China and Russia

Shapeline have together with the other high-tech companies LDV Systeme GmbH, Mesacon Messelektronik GmbH, EMG Automation GmbH and Vatron GmbH for the first time organized Quality Days for customers and experts in China and Russia – in Beijing, Shanghai and Moscow.

On the well received Quality Days, held in Chinese and Russian language respectively, the seminar program included analysis of world and local market as well as presentation of the participants’ views, products and experiences. The attendants were decision makers and experts from all the well known Chinese and Russian steel makers.

“It is important for us small and medium size companies to be able show what we can do also on markets a bit further away from our homes” says Shapeline CEO, Pär Kierkegaard, PhD. He continues: ”Very often a smaller supplier will be more customer oriented and knowledgeable on areas we specialize on than larger and less specialized companies. The Quality Days have proven to be an excellent vehicle to make our knowledge and expertise available also to operators in China and Russia, new contacts have been established that will be of benefits both for them and for us”.

The success of these first Quality Days have been so clear that the companies already decided to repeat on new markets – exactly where and when still to be defined. Keep an eye on for more information or contact any of the participating companies.