Shapeline flatness measurement systems increase productivity in plate mills.

Shapeline systems have been used in the SSAB plate mill of Oxelösund in Sweden since 2001. With seven installed systems so far, the benefits in plate production are obvious for SSAB and other steelmakers who require a product with advanced qualities.

“We are no longer content with being a regional provider to the North European steel industry,” says Shapeline CEO, Pär Kierkegaard, PhD. ”We are now stepping up our activities towards plate mills all over Europe and the rest of the world to promote how Shapeline systems can improve production processes and deliver a documented higher quality than before.”

By increasing knowledge about flatness parameters in different parts of production lines for plates, benefits are gained quickly – some are easy to calculate, some are more difficult.

Examples of benefits claimed by customers using Shapeline systems are numerous.

They include: More precise production towards tighter norms; increased knowledge about how results are impacted by changes in settings; fast data for 100% of the plates on 100% of the plate; cost is lower than by manual measurement; space is saved; returns have decreased or even ceased; average time in production has decreased; quenching has been approved; leveling has become more efficient and the yield has gone up because of less scrap and more optimized edge trimming and cutting.

Shapeline plans to individually contact all plate mills in Europe, and later on, on other continents, to show how the systems can be used to improve the processes and end product.

For more information about the Shapeline’s products and how they can be used in production, please do not hesitate to contact Shapeline directly, or a local representative.