Shapeline and partners presents at Quality Days in India

The Quality Days where visited by a select and invited group of industry specialists and decision makers – held in Mumbai and New Delhi. The seminar program included analysis of world and local market as well as presentation of the participants’ views, products and experiences.

Shapeline was represented by Dr. Pär Kierkegaard, CEO. His presentation, and many of the following meetings, focused on flatness as an increasingly important parameter to report and control. In the current market situation it is not enough to have production capacity – you have to offer the customer something more than just a quantity of product. And if not to become a commodity only sold on price, the producer needs to deliver and document that his product is worth more than competition.

To find the “best-in-class” suppliers of the tools needed for excellent quality, a steel producer can not rely solely on a large line builder” says Dr. Kierkegaard. He continues: ”The best is often found among smaller companies, with shorter histories and smaller market presence. We at Shapeline are searching partnerships with companies in similar situations with complementary products so that we together can do what larger companies can – meaning both organizing events such as the Quality Days, but also technically working together and integrating our systems and solutions to larger entities”.

The success of these and previous Quality Days held in India, China and Russia have directly and indirectly created new business and new business opportunities on these markets for Shapeline and the partners. Quality Days will certainly be held again, when and where to be decided. Contact Shapeline or any of the other participating companies if you are interested in being invited when we come to your country..