New products and development: Laser doppler integration

To get accurate flatness where flatness data correlate with the physical position on the material, the speed must be measured accurately. For some applications (cut sheets and plates on roller tables), this can be a challenge due to slippage. Shapeline has now delivered systems where this has been solved by laser Dopplers.

A laser Doppler measures speed by the use of phase shift between two laser beams projected on the material surface.The laser Doppler may also return strip, plate or sheet length, which can be handled by the new Shapeline software, Shapesoft 3. Hence, the length will be displayed in our user interface and stored in the measurement files. Two files in one smash!

For our platform system, the Doppler may be integrated into the platform and delivered, function tested with the main supply. The Doppler may handle zero speed and material reverse or start from 5 m/s in the forward direction. The length accuracy is an example +/- 6.5 mm for a 20 m long plate.