Shapeline performance: Performance verification under dynamic conditions

According to e.g. DIN EN ISO 10012, the performance of any measurement system shall be verified taking into account all significant uncertainties including the environment in which the system works, i.e. verified under real production conditions. For a flatness measurement system, this is a difficult task since the transport of the material may influence the shape and measurement. For several years, Shapeline has provided systems with vibration compensation sensors and recommendations for modifying the transport so the material can be accurately measured.

Now, we take this one step further and show that the performance is according to the specifications under normal production conditions (cold material). This is done by placing markers on the plate to be used as references for traceable comparative measurements of repeatability and accuracy. At the same time, the material speed vs. speed information is verified. Shapeline provides the required software as well as equipment for this. The result is a protocol to the customer.