Shapeline streamlines production at Hindalco

The Indian aluminum producer Hindalco Industries has successfully started up a Shapeline Flex flatness measurement system at their plant in Renukoot, India. The installation of the system was completed during the summer 2013 and the system is now in full production.

The laser based flatness system is designed to measure aluminum sheets on-line with high precision at one of the plant’s high-speed cut-to-length facilities. The system will be used for final flatness quality control of their thin aluminum sheets. Specifically, coil-set is measured which enables Hindalco to adjust the line to reduce this.

Mr Pramodji Koparde, General Manager at Quality and Fabrication says: “The new Shapeline gauge gives us a unique possibility to guarantee that our material fulfills the clients flatness requirements. Since flatness is also documented, we can follow-up and improve the production process. For example we are able to adjust the leveler based on the flatness data and thus improve product quality.”

Shapeline President, Magnus Titus adds: “We are pleased to have Hindalco as our first customer in India. We believe that India will be an important market for Shapeline in the future and to have Hindalco as our first reference will be a good foundation for further expansion.”

About Hindalco, Renukoot – Hindalco, at Renukoot, operates across the aluminium value chain from bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting to downstream rolling and extrusions. The integrated facility houses a 700,000 tpa alumina refinery and a 345,000 tpa aluminium smelter along with facilities for production of semi-fabricated products namely conductor redraw rods, sheet and extrusions.

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