Unique standard verification

Shapeline offers a verification of the material transportation properties in the production line at the flatness gauge installation point. This is a unique service to the users and represents an important step to ensure maximum value adding from flatness measurements.

The properties of the material transportation, e.g. roller table with regard to roller eccentricity and alignment, can have a major impact on measurement performance, hence the benefits of the measurements.

Shapeline already provides guidelines for the material transport design when installing a flatness gauge and this can now be verified at commissioning, and also checked at regular intervals, e.g. once a year. Regular measurements of the transport also permit trending to be performed to optimize maintenance from a cost/performance perspective.

The following steps are part of the Material transportation check:

  • Input data on actual design (roll placements, distances, diameters etc.) – done once for each installation point/system
  • Measurement of eccentricity and alignment – input of measurements
  • Generation of a report containing deviations, if any, and recommendations for adjustment if needed.


The screen above shows the actual design of the roller table and deviations based on the measurements. Deviations and adjustment suggestions are automatically calculated.