US aluminum producer orders the first optical flatness gauge from Shapeline

Shapeline sells flatness gauge to American aluminum producer

An American automotive aluminum producer in the US has placed an order for one Shapeline flatness measurement system.

The laser based gauges are based on Shapeline new technical solution ShapeCAT, designed to measure over 1000 precision, vibration compensated flatness profiles per second. The data will be used for process adjustments as well as to detect very small flatness defects to ensure that a flatter strip will be supplied to the end customers.

“The order is a break-through for Shapeline into the aluminum strip market”, says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline and vice President, Pär Kierkegaard adds “The project is really exciting. I am sure both companies will learn from this project.”

The start-up of the system is planned for April 2015.

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