Outokumpu Stainless AB has installed and commissioned a Shapeline flatness gauge for their plate leveling line in Degerfors, Sweden

The flatness gauge, located down-stream a Cold Plate Leveler installed one year ago, is capable of detecting small flatness defects and is already used for plate leveler adjustments and quality assurance of the 3.2 m wide stainless steel heavy plates.

The experience from Outokumpu is very positive: – “We use the system for four different purposes” says Per Sundström, Production Manager at the Quarto Plate mill, “To decide if the plate needs to go another pass through the leveler, to change the setting of the leveler, to decide if a plate needs to be re-heat treated or scrapped and to decide if the plates fulfil the quality requirements to be sent to our customers.”

He continues: – “The gauge is used extensively by the operators, which is nearly unique for a new measurement system. It is rather easy to understand and the feedback to the operators is immediate and correct, why they learned how to use it quickly.”

The system is installed on top of the roller table, supported by a steel framework that also serves as access platform. In this way, the sensor components can be reached and serviced without interfering with the plate production. However, this is very seldom necessary: – “We hire Shapeline for the annual service and calibration, but apart from that, we do not expect any further maintenance to be required. No maintenance has been needed so far,” says Jan Johansson, Project Leader for the flatness gauge project.

“Shapeline has supplied some 30 flatness gauges for heavy plates for steel and aluminium, and this is the first gauge for stainless steel plates. It is very exciting for us to see the positive results and return of investment achieved at Degerfors”, says Helmut Hackl, President, Shapeline.

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