Shapeline to receive Farrington Award

Last year Shapeline presented a paper titled: “A new generation optical flatness measurement systems” on the steel conference at AISTech in Cleveland. The paper was then selected to be published in Iron and Steel Technology, December 2015 and then received the 2016 Farrington Award price. Dr Pär Kierkegaard will receive the price on this year’s AISTech show.

To meet the increasing demands of the steel industry regarding flatness, a technology platform based on new smart camera technology and dedicated software has been developed. The result is a powerful solution which enables detection of smaller defects, higher line-speeds and more compact geometry. One application example is hot strip production lines where the high line speed requires fast cameras. Another example is high precision detection of small hardening buckles in strip and plate lines. The paper gives a deeper analysis of various applications as well as present potential new applications.

The paper can be downloaded here.