WISDRI, China, has ordered a Shapeline VeriFlat sensor

The Chinese Technical Institute WISDRI, China, has ordered a Shapeline flatness measurement system for their new skin-pass / levelling process WISDRI CLPT-DS, to be supplied to Rizhao Steel, China.

WISDRI, the technical institute located in Wuhan, Hubei province, China has ordered a Shapeline VeriFlat flatness measurement sensor for their new WISDRI CLPT-DS concept – a new, innovative line concept for a combined roll leveler and skin-pass process for advanced strip steel materials. The new line will be started up at the Rizhao mill during the early fall 2016.

The Shapeline VeriFlat sensor will be used to optimize the flatness of hot rolled material through control of the process. “We are very happy about the contract with WISDRI, since they are a well-known partner to the Chinese Steel industry”, says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline,”The Shapeline VeriFlat sensor will be an important integral part in their new concept”. Ms Ding Wenhong, General Manager for WISDRI’s Rolling Division comments the cooperation in the project “We are certain that the combination of Shapeline’s flatness gauge and WISDRI’s control model will improve the flatness quality of the hot-rolled coil that will be processed in our new concept”.

The Shapeline VeriFlat sensor is an integrated flatness system built around Shapeline’s new unique product and camera platform ShapeCAT, which enables high flatness measurement performance for strip and sheet applications.