Shapeline is 100 % focused on optical flatness measurement for the steel and metal industries. Our sensors and systems in the Veri-series will help you to keep your product flatness under control from hot rolling to the final user. Our five types of solutions are tailored for flatness measurement in the different phases of the flat metal production, starting in the demanding hot rolling mill, via different types of plate and strip process lines to finishing, service centers and toll processors.

The core of our technology is twofold; ShapeCAT, our optical and hardware solution, and our software, ShapeSoft 3 (SS3), both developed specifically for flatness measurement.  This core is used across all applications, whether steel or aluminum is used, or the application is hot or cold. The difference lies in the geometry, environmental protection and configuration.

There are three main usages of our gauges:

  • Decision making support– Fix bad material but not material in spec
  • Process control such as mill control, leveler adjustments and tuning of quenching
  • Quality assurance – Be sure no bad material enters or leaves the factory

Very often, a single system can be used for several of these tasks.

Read more about our solutions for Hot Rolling, Plate Process Lines, Strip Process Lines, Precision Strip and Steel Service Centers.