New President at Shapeline

Helmut Hackl will take up the position as President of Shapeline as of May 1st, 2016, as Magnus Titus will leave Shapeline for new operative challenges outside the company.

Helmut has already started at Shapeline, working together with Magnus to ensure a smooth transition in the company’s management.

Mr. Hackl has a M.Sc. in Metallurgy from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and a long background within the ABB Group, including several management positions in ABB’s Steel & Metal business segments. He comes latest from a position as Vice President – Business Development for the Steel & Metals industry.
“I’m very honored to take up this challenge. Shapeline is the market leader in flatness measurement solutions, and with new exciting products on the way to the market. I’m looking forward to a great future.” says Helmut. Continue reading

Marco Pigaiani – Shapeline’s new representative in Italy

Shapeline has appointed Marco Pigaiani as Shapeline’s sales and service representative for Italy. The objective with the partnership is to develop a strong sales and service organization dedicated for the national market. Marco Pigaiani is familiar with Shapeline’s products.

“My collaboration with Shapeline started about five years ago in which I promoted and introduced the flatness control systems in the most important engineering companies and end users in the Italian territory. This allowed me to acquire a good knowledge of the products and industrial processes in this field.” – Marco Pigaiani 

Leruste & Cie – Shapeline’s new representative in France, Belgium and Luxemburg

Shapeline has appointed Leruste & Cie as Shapeline’s sole sales and service representative for France, Belgium and Luxemburg. The objective with the partnership is to develop a strong sales and service organization dedicated for the national markets. Thomas Poteau will be Shapelines main contact.

Leruste has been active in the steel and metal industries in France, Belgium and Luxembourg for more than 30 years. They have experience from the flat metals market with complementary products in the areas of non contact measurement like width, thickness, speed, or temperature, as well as force and weight measurement. They have constant relationships with process and instrumentation specialists in the industry.

Steel Plate Application Guide Available

Shapeline has produced  a guide about the usage and implementation of flatness systems in steel plate production lines. The guide covers all the main steel plate processes, as well as gives suggestion for the location of flatness systems for the most efficient usage of flatness measurements for improving profitability in the production. The guide also gives guidelines and best practices among Shapeline users for how to calculate the Return on Investment for a flatness system.

The document is available free of cost. Please request the documents by sending an email to

voestalpine Precision Strip, Munkfors, Sweden, to install a third Shapeline system

voestalpine Precision Strip mill in Munkfors, Sweden, has ordered a third Shapeline 500 flatness measurement system for one of their hardening lines. The new Shapeline system supplied to Munkfors will also be the tenth Shapeline system to be supplied to the voestalpine Precision Strip globally over the years.

The main application for the Shapeline 500 flatness measurement system at Munkfors will be to optimize process and quality for primarily valve steel. The system will for this specific purpose be equipped with Shapeline’s unique double-line laser projector. “The specific application in Munkfors’ hardening line requires very high resolution and accuracy, which a Shapeline 500 system equipped with a double-line laser can provide”, says Lars-Åke Classon, Vice President Product Development at Shapeline.

The cooperation between voestalpine Munkfors and Shapeline goes back a long time. It was at the Munkfors mill, at that time part of the Böhler-Uddeholm group, where Shapeline made the first tests for flatness measurements with laser triangulation in-line a steel processing line in 1998.


POSCO Pohang has installed two Shapeline systems in production in POSCO Plate mill #3, Pohang, Korea.

Shapeline has installed and commissioned two steel plate flatness measurement systems to POSCO’s high-performance plate line #3. The gauges are used for quality assurance to verify that all plates leaving the factory fulfil POSCO’s internal demands as well as industry standards. The measurement data is also used for feedback upstream to improve the production.

The two systems were installed in January 2015 and used in production shortly thereafter. They were the first two systems based on Shapelines new platform, ShapeCAT, a high performance optical solution which has since then set a new standard for flatness measurement with higher accuracy and point resolution over the entire plate. Almost 12000 measurement points cover the width of the plates, allowing for flatness measurement close to plate edges and corners.

In cooperation with POSCO, Shapeline has developed new principles for flatness defect detection, classification and evaluation. “POSCO is a demanding customer focused on quality. This also develops Shapeline and in this project we have pushed our product one step further. ShapeCAT has proven to deliver and we can see deviations we have not been able to detect before” says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline.

“With the new flatness measurement systems, we have a reliable and precise tool to verify plate flatness. The performance is high enough to fulfil both current and future flatness standards and demands. It has already given us advantages such as improved productivity and quality says Mr. Dong-Ha Kim, responsible for investment and maintenance: “The system is able to see smaller flatness deviations than we believed were possible”.

POSCO is a multinational steel-making company headquartered in Pohang, South Korea. By focusing on innovation and value creation, POSCO has grown to an output of over 41 million tons of crude steel in 2014, making it the world’s fifth-largest steelmaker. POSCO currently operates two integrated steel mills in South Korea, in Pohang and Gwangyang. In addition, POSCO operates over 23 overseas production corporations worldwide.


Tiancai Technology Development will install a Shapeline system

Tiancai Technology Development, Tianjin, China, will install a Shapeline Flex flatness measurement system

Tiancai Technology Developing Co. Ltd., Tianjin, China, will in October 2015 install a state-of-the-art Shapeline Flex flatness measurement system at their plant in Tianjin, China. The Shapeline system, based on the new product platform ShapeCAT, will be used primarily to certify the quality of special stainless steel sheets for the mobile phone industry.

“The flatness and shape demand for mobile inner sheets are very high”, says Ms. Yu Qinglian, Vice General manager, Tiancai, “We turned to Shapeline for a solution, based on their excellent experience of flatness and shape of measurements. They provided not only a very flexible solution, but also an excellent knowledge in this field of measurements”.

The new Shapeline product platform ShapeCAT is built around a new, unique camera technology, enabling the very high resolution and accuracy required to meet the measurement challenges at Tinacai.


New Procurement Guide and EGL Article Available

Shapeline has recently published a guide about flatness systems procurement and an article about electro-galvanized steel production. The procurement guide covers all important aspects, guidelines and best practices to consider when purchasing and installing a new flatness measurement system.

In the article about electro-galvanized steel production you will find a complete presentation of the production process, case studies and quantified benefits of flatness measurement in the process.

Both documents are available free of cost. Please request the documents by sending an email to

Introducing ShapeCAT, a Completely New Product Platform

Photo: The new smart camera is a central component in the ShapeCAT platform

Shapeline’s new product platform ShapeCAT allows new and improved flatness measurement applications. The heart in the new system is ultra-fast, built-to-purpose cameras for measurements in the steel and metals industry.

The new sensor and data-handling technology opens unique, new possibilities such as installations in high speed process lines, even better flexibility enabling smaller system space requirements as well as measurements with very high resolution.

There are many examples where the new ShapeCAT platform will give benefits. For example, measurements before and after rolling processes in Hot Strip Lines and Hot Plate Rolling can be done with high resolution in spite of the high processing speed. Measurements of hardening defects after the Rapid Cooling and Quenching sections in Continuous Annealing Lines – for both steel and aluminum will be done with significantly higher resolution and accuracy. Quenching tuning can be done faster and better, resulting in higher yield and faster start-ups and time-to-market.

Thanks to the improved performance, ShapeCAT will also provide several advantages in traditional flatness applications.
Accuracy and resolution in flatness measurements are significantly improved – e.g. on high yield strength heavy plate, precision steel strip etc. more precise information can be obtained – leading to better process automation and more correct decisions. The possibility to build flexible and tailor-made geometries to fit into existing lines becomes better – even if the space available for a flatness system is limited.

The new built-to purpose camera has several unique features. It is built for the steel and metal industrial environment. With internal pre-processing of image data, it enables high-speed data transfer from several measurement modules at the same time. The increased data transfer capacity has allowed the camera’s sensor resolution and measurement speed to be significantly increased while several camera modules still can be run at the same time.

Several Shapeline Flex Flatness Measurement Systems including ShapeCAT for demanding applications have already been sold to major producers of plates and strips for delivery during the beginning of 2015.

Thanks to the new Product platform, flatness gauges are now more powerful and easier to install than ever before. Contact us for a demonstration and discussions!

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