Unique standard verification

Shapeline offers a verification of the material transportation properties in the production line at the flatness gauge installation point. This is a unique service to the users and represents an important step to ensure maximum value adding from flatness measurements.

The properties of the material transportation, e.g. roller table with regard to roller eccentricity and alignment, can have a major impact on measurement performance, hence the benefits of the measurements.

Shapeline already provides guidelines for the material transport design when installing a flatness gauge and this can now be verified at commissioning, and also checked at regular intervals, e.g. once a year. Regular measurements of the transport also permit trending to be performed to optimize maintenance from a cost/performance perspective.

The following steps are part of the Material transportation check:

  • Input data on actual design (roll placements, distances, diameters etc.) – done once for each installation point/system
  • Measurement of eccentricity and alignment – input of measurements
  • Generation of a report containing deviations, if any, and recommendations for adjustment if needed.


The screen above shows the actual design of the roller table and deviations based on the measurements. Deviations and adjustment suggestions are automatically calculated.

World´s widest leveler running with Shapeline gauge

Shapeline gauge successfully installed and running in Nippon Steel No 1-line in Japan, Oita.

The novel Oita Plate Leveler (OPL) is unique of its kind. The OPL works as a skin-pass mill for plates, with the rolling force controllable in 19 sectors across the plate width. The Shapeline system now provides data correlated to the position of these 19 sectors to control the leveler and improve plate flatness.

Shapeline office in China

Shapeline now offers first-line support services from Beijing and has recruited full-time Shapeline sales person, Zheng Chen, to serve the Chinese market.

Shapeline has taken a major step into China with the launch of a new Chinese sales and customer service office in Beijing. The office got off to a successful start, with four substantial orders for plate flatness systems. Two of the Shapeline clients include Baosteel and XingCheng Special Steel (JYXC). JYXC plate flatness system is currently under installation.

Zheng Chen can be reached by phone: +86 10 85 20 01 35 and by e-mail: zheng.chen@shapeline.com.

Ferroman GmbH – Shapeline’s new representative in Germany

Shapeline appoints Ferroman GmbH, Ratingen, as Shapeline’s sales and customer service representative for Germany.

Shapeline has appointed Ferroman GmbH, Ratingen as Shapeline’s sales and customer service representative for Germany. The objective with the partnership is to develop a strong sales and customer service organization dedicated to the German market.

“The partnership in Germany comes after working together with Ferroman’s owners on other markets for many years,” says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline AB, “It will provide our important German customers with a direct, very knowledgeable, contact and support.”

Mr Anders Brink, President and main owner of Ferroman said, “The partnership with Shapeline will be an important part of Ferroman’s activities. We have a long history within the German steel and metals industry, and Shapeline’s excellent products will fit very well with this.”

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Shapeline prepares for further growth

Shapeline AB extended the company’s equity base in December 2012 with the objective of securing continued fast growth. The company has grown an average of more than 30% per annum over the last three business years, and continues to work towards long-term growth over the business cycles.

The extended equity was mainly made possible by the main owner. Syntrans and two new shareholders, Swedish investment companies, Vitrinen and Advino. All other minority owners also participated in the equity raising.

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Shapeline in MPT International: ArcelorMittal modernized the plate quenching/tempering facility at Burns Harbor works, USA

ArcelorMittal announced the recent commissioning of a state-of-the-art heat treat line at its 4 meters (160”) wide plate facility in Burns Harbor, Indiana, USA. The re-engineered line produces Burns Harbor’s full range of heat treated plate products, while enhancing quality, productivity and customer delivery resulting in both cost and energy savings.

The US$ 60 million investment project was executed over a nine months period from July 2011 to March 2012.

Automated, high-capacity measurement is a necessity, which has been realized through the Shapeline flatness measurement gauge. Installed down-stream from the leveller, the flatness gauge is used to adjust the leveller and verify that the plates meet the requirements.

Read full atricle published in MPT International, issue 6/2012.

SSAB prepares for the future

Despite tough times for the steel industry, SSAB sees great opportunities in their new high-strength steels which are cut in their new cut-to-lentgh line FS4 in Borlänge. This line is expected to cut new products in the lengths customers require with good profit margins. An increasingly important parameter is the product’s flatness.

In recent years SSAB has invested heavily in Borlänge, including significant focus on their cut-to-length FS4 line. Thanks to the new products processed in their latest line, SSAB aims to conquer new markets and stay ahead of the competition. To ensure the flatness of the steel plates, SSAB has invested in a flatness measurement system from Shapeline.

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Quality Days India

Shapeline has made presentations in Mumbai and Bubaneshwar, india on the 2012 quality days. Delegates from the main Indian steel and metal producers were at the seminars where presentations from 6 European companies (Shapeline, EMG, Cognex, Mesacon Messelektronik, LDV-Systeme and Pauli) from the Quality Alliance presented their products. Please see www.quality-alliance.eu for details.

Shapeline opens office in China

Shapeline takes a major step into China with the launch of a new Chinese Sales and Service office in Beijing. The office has started successfully, with two substantial orders for plate flatness systems already placed in July and August 2012.

Shapeline AB, the Swedish-based supplier of laser flatness measurement systems to the global steel and metals industry, has opened a Sales and Service office in Beijing, China. The new office has been established in partnership with the Hong Kong-based company, Techtrans to serve the Chinese market.

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Five Shapeline flatness systems ordered by Böhler-Uddeholm

Böhler-Uddeholm, Austria, has placed an order for five flatness measurement systems with Shapeline, Sweden, for measuring on their strip products. The order is the continuation of a successful cooperation with Shapeline systems at the Böhler-Uddeholm plants in Munkfors, Sweden, and Böhlerwerk, Austria.

The order is for one Shapeline 500 system to measure flatness on the mother coil, as well as four Shapeline Compact systems for measuring on slitted coils after hardening. The systems will be located at Böhler-Uddeholm’s new plant in Kematen, Austria.

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