Gap-Guard In Electro Galvanizing

An EGL has a number of sensitive anodes. In most lines, the anodes can be moved to open up a larger gap for the strip to pass.

The cells are opened of two reasons, either a very bad strip flatness/shape or that there is a coil-change weld going through. Here the Shapeline flatness data can play a vital role.

  • All of Shapeline’s references have automatic emergency opening of the anodes in case the flatness/crossbow becomes too bad, i.e. goes over a safety threshold, thus avoiding the risk for short circuit when the strip touches the anodes.
  • Some customers also have automatic tension leveler control based on crossbow data to control the flatness of the strip before the galvanizing cells.
  • The process operators all use the Shapeline’s crossbow/flatness information on a screen in the operator’s room to make manual decisions to optimize the anode distances – thus improving coating efficiency.