The Product Line


The Shapeline concept is based on proven, robust measurement technology. Due to its flexibility, we can measure any material width. Today, we have applications running for measurements between 50 and 5500 mm width. For every installation, we make an analysis of the measurement conditions, size constraints, demands for measurement accuracy, speed and resolution. This means that you get a system that is adapted to your requirements, and do not have to pay for more than you need.

All systems are based on laser line triangulation, a robust measurement principle which returns 3D-data with high precision. We have developed hardware and software specifically for flatness measurement based on this technology for 20 years. The current technical solution is based on our own smart sensor, ShapeCAT and our software, SS3 which are now utilized in our Veri-product Line.

  • VeriShape – A compact gauge that measures flatness, width, crop and ski during hot rolling. The gauge can be installed, calibrated and maintained without line stops and provides precise, high-resolution data even at high temperatures.
  • VeriFlex – A “standard, engineered” product, tailored to your needs. Together we define system performance and configuration and then we build and deliver a solution that fits your requirements exactly. Extensively used for heavy plates and demanding strip applications.
  • VeriFlat – Our most cost-effective solution for material up to 2 m width. A standard sensor, yet powerful for most applications in strip process and cut-to-length lines. Pre-calibrated and extremely easy to install.
  • VeriPrecise – Tailored for precision strips, especially H&T-lines where measurement accuracy is crucial. The gauge returns flatness with micrometer precision, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • VeriCompact – The smallest sensor in the family. Used when the strips are narrow (less than 200 mm) and the requirements are high.

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