Making the metal world flat

Unique flatness measurement

Shapeline is a global provider of flatness measurement within steel and metal industries. Our contact free, precision measurement systems have been integrated into production installations throughout the world by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal materials.


Hot Rolling Lines

Accurate flatness measurement under hot conditions

Plate Process Lines

Quality assurance and process improvements in relation to measurement in plate leveling, shearing and finishing lines.

Strip Process Lines

Incoming strip shape, tension leveling control, tuning of in-line quench,
quality assurance at strip exit.

Cut-to-length Lines

Flatness measurement made easy – for standard lines, be used for wider material and precision steel.

Our solutions are tailored for all flatness measurement in the different phases of the flat metal production.

Our Systems are Tailored to Your Needs



What Are the Benefits of Shapeline’s System?

Trusted by metal producers worldwide!

We have local service and support around the world through our network of representatives.

”The new Shapeline gauge gives us a unique possibility to guarantee that our material fulfills the clients’ flatness requirements. We have improved the production process, we adjust the leveler based on flatness data and thus increase product quality.”

Mr Pramod Koparde, Hindalco Industries India