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The best way to get support is by sending us an email. The email will reach everybody in our support team ensuring a quick response.

We’re here to help!

When a customer contacts Shapeline support we create a support ticket with an Id for the specific case. This Id is used in all communication so we can track progress of a specific case.

Global remote support

We have local service and support around the world through our network of representatives.

Almost 100% of the support cases can be solved remotely, there are a few cases where parts have to be replaced which obviously can not be ”supplied” remotely.

We encourage our customers to enable a remote connection (always available or activated on demand) as most support cases then can be solved in a few hours (many of them within one hour!)

We listen to our customers!

We sincerely strive to understand the applications to be able to serve our customers better and develop our products in the best direction.

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Tel: +46 (0)13 470 3000


If you decide to give us a call, office hours at our main office in Linköping, Sweden are weekdays 08.00–17.00 Central European Time (8 am to 5 pm UTC + 1).