Like all Shapeline systems VeriFlat is based on ShapeCAT, our technology platform as well as SS3, our dedicated flatness measurement software.

What makes VeriFlat unique is its simplicity. A VeriFlat sensor can be up and running in a few hours, requiring only power, an Ethernet link to a PC and line speed information. It is pre-calibrated from factory and maintenance is extremely limited.

To keep the project time – and cost down, the sensor has standard software, configurable by the customer. Communication with Level 1 and Level 2 is done over Ethernet, TCP/IP and there are also input and output signals for control and automation.

Since the sensor is compact and rigid, it can easily be attached to a linear guiding unit to become a scanner. The scanner can be used where the material is not moving, such as in a measurement station or in a line where the strip is stopped and the tension released.

Applications include all type of strip process lines and blanking (cut-to-length) lines. The gauge can for instance measure incoming strip shape, control tension levelers, act as gap-guard for electro galvanizing and be used for quality assurance. Due to its simplicity and integration, a VeriFlat can easily be moved between lines or be used for testing.

Main advantages


Flatness measurement made easy

Shapeline’s new VeriFlat is based on experiences from almost 20 years in the flatness measurement field within the global steel and metal industry. Shapeline’s world class experience combined with Shapeline’s unique product platform ShapeCAT – an advanced, high performance technical platform designed for flatness measurement – has a new unique product. VeriFlat is a dedicated flatness sensor. All optical, mechanical, and electrical parts have been integrated into one single robust housing. Install VeriFlat in the production line, connect it to a standard computer and you have a flatness measurement system up and running. It can be done in a day!

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