A blanking or cut-to-length line usually consists of an off-reel, roll leveler, shear and stacker. This is the last possibility to affect the flatness of the final product, since the bundles go directly to the end-user.

A flatness gauge is normally placed after leveling and shearing, since documentation of supplied bundles is essential. A Shapeline gauge in this position can be used for multiple tasks, such as leveler control, automatic rejection of defective sheets and generation of bundle reports. Coil data statistics can also be generated for feedback to upstream production lines.

A VeriFlat-gauge is a perfect solution for standard lines, whereas a VeriFlex system should be used for wider material and precision steel.

Cutting, slitting, levelling

Cutting, slitting and levelling are the parts of the finishing process which ensure that end products meet the dimensions and quality standards required by the customer. The role of Shapeline systems in finishing lines is threefold: input to levelling, to optimize the cutting/slitting operation and to document and certificate the delivered product. By virtue of the fact that providing information for levelling is a core business for Shapeline, we have longer experience than most and our solutions are the most advanced on the market.

Innovative measurement solutions

With our innovative, well-proven measurement solutions, you can create a flexible, customized control system where you define the parameters and standards of the delivered product. With the knowledge provided by the measurements obtained from the system – in the finishing line or from earlier production steps – the cutting or slitting of the product can be performed in such a way as to meet varying customer requirements. These unparalleled levels of functionality give you the flexibility to create detailed, accurate and reliable geometric measurement data related to the end product. Apart from optimizing your finishing line and enhancing your log.

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