A VeriFlex has a number of parameters which can be changed over wide ranges, for example material width, stand-off distance, performance and available space. It is simply tailored to your needs. Even the graphical user interface and integration, both physical and electrical, can be tailored.

VeriFlex design model

  • Free space
  • Environment
  • Usage
  • Performance
  • Function
  • Mill integration
  • Geometry
  • Components
  • Mechanics
  • Environmental protection
  • Software
  • Line preparations

VeriFlex-systems have been supplied by Shapeline for almost 20 years for a large number of different applications. We have supplied systems for almost 6 m material width, managed to squeeze in a gauge for wide heavy plates in less than 1 m roller table length, systems in hot mills, a large variety of strip and plate process lines, blanking lines etc.

Some application areas are:

The sensor units can be cooled with water or air and Shapeline can also supply water chillers and blowers for clean, low pressurized air. A Shapeline system does not use compressed air.

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