Shapeline measurement systems are equipped with the most technically advanced, user-friendly software that permits adaptation to specific customer parameters relevant to measurement needs and requirements.

Not only do they give you the competitive edge in terms of flexibility, control, efficiency, adaptability and performance potential, but also provide the operator the freedom to make and take fast decisions and avert costly production disruption. The highly robust, purpose-built hardware is designed for operation in the most demanding production environments in steel works.

Flatness gauges are now more powerful and easier to install than ever before! Contact us for a demonstration and discussions!


Our scope goes beyond the technology of the flatness measurement and also includes application knowledge. We can guide a metal producer through the process of defining and implementing flatness measurement. This includes finding the most suitable spot for the sensor, integrate and utilize data, make necessary line preparations and perform ROI-calculations. We sincerely strive to understand the applications to be able to serve our customers better and develop our products in the best direction.


Representing the ultimate in functionality and flexibility, our flatness measurement and control systems are suitable for a wide range of metal applications in the most demanding industrial environments. In-house development of the most advanced software on the market enables us to offer a variety of solutions with the flexibility to be integrated into virtually any production line in any industrial environment.

The technology used is laser line triangulation based on a laser projector with two parallel lines. The double laser line approach permits local surface slope measurement in addition to 3D-position which can be used for material vibration compensation.

Our technology platform is designed to handle the double line principle at high speed and high resolution. Since the data from the cameras easily can be higher than 3 GByte/second, they are intelligent with local processing capacity. Heavy calculations are done by dedicated processors close to the sensor chips, which drastically reduce the amount of data. Our cameras communicate by standard Ethernet and standard computers and components are used, which are readily available on the market. This simplifies maintenance and keep the availability of the systems on a high level.


Shapeline commissions, services and maintains systems throughout the world – from Korea to Brazil, from Chicago to Jokkmokk. In addition to the provision of on-site service and maintenance facilities via our global network of partners and representatives, many problems can be swiftly monitored and resolved with the help of remote management tools.

We sincerely strive to understand the applications to be able to serve our customers better and develop our products in the best direction.

Some benefits:

The principle is based on double laser line triangulation which gives an accurate, compact and durable solution both for strips and plates. The measurements compensate for vibration and delivers flatness, crossbow, flatness compensated width and topography. The method is robust due to its architecture and technology. Very little maintenance can be expected. Data can be visualised in numerous ways, also in real-time.

Higher performance in very demanding applications, for example:

ShapeCAT will also give advantages in traditional flatness applications, for example:

The new built-to purpose camera has several unique features:

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