For the advanced metal strip manufacturer, productivity, quality control, and total economy are crucial factors, in satisfying demanding customer needs.

In many applications continuous and accurate flatness measurement and control are integral parts of the production process and invaluable tools for improved quality. For these applications the Shapeline Strip System 500 – the state-of-the-art flatness measurement system has been developed.

Main advantages


How it works

The system control cabinet has a user interface for plotting measurement and evaluation data, and a display unit for plotting the current profile. The plot autoscales and the maximum height deviation is computed and displayed. An alarm can be generated if the deviation is larger than a preset value. Each individual profile is evaluated online, using a pre-defined specification (customer defined). Each profile is the target of an exhaustive flatness test that consists of several hundred tests per profile. If the specification is not fulfilled in any part of the strip, an alarm is generated, and the area is marked red in a defect map. Since the system can be connected to a pulse transducer, each measurement has a physical correspondence, and a defect can easily be located on the strip.

The system comes with ShapeSoft Base, which is software for standard flatness measurements. The base software includes current profile, height map, defect map, pulse transducer interface, calibration, tools for strip specification definition, user interface etc.

Additional software is available for a number of applications e.g.

● on-line detection of local defects

● on-line evaluation of non-flat profiles

● protocol printouts

● detection of stain, rust, oil, hue variations etc.

● access to measurement data from a host computer via network etc.

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