Shapeline contact free, precision measurement systems have been integrated into production installations throughout the world by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal materials. We have built a reputation on providing reliable and robust solutions for demanding environments which deliver precise, quality measurement data costeffectively. The fact that most of the systems we have commissioned to date are still in operation speaks for itself. A proven track record and long list of blue-chip international references qualifies us as one of the world’s foremost and knowledgeable authorities in our field. Here’s a selection of customers and installations:

Here’s a selection of customers and installations:

At many locations in Europe and North America the world’s largest steel company rely on Shapeline for measuring in – amongst other examples – galvanization and annealing lines, on strip and plate.

At ThyssenKrupp the system is used to measure crossbow in an electro-galvanizing line. Amongst other benefits, data is used to fulfil the goal of verifying the shape before the material enters the galvanizing stage to avoid damage.

A width and flatness measurement system on the hot strip rolling mill. The data from the Shapeline system is used for width control and to correct thickness measurement of radiometric thickness gauge.

One of Shapeline’s oldest customers – renowned for the quality of its products -Sandvik has since 1999 been using Shapeline systems for ensuring the flatness of saw steel and other demanding products world-wide.

A relatively new customer of Shapeline that made the decision of extensively measuring the flatness of steel plate in several locations on the production line.

Swedish Steel AB is more or less considered the benchmark for quenched, thin steel plate. An important factor behind the SSAB success is the reliance on Shapeline systems for operational control of quenching and levelling processes as well as creating knowledge about the impact of different production steps on the produced material.

For the ever so important flatness of electrical steel, Posco of Korea is using Shapeline systems to ensure the process is well trimmed and that the manufactured material is up to Posco standard.

Together with several other manufacturers of saw and precision steel materials, Böhler Uddeholm uses Shapeline systems in Austria and Sweden to ensure that material is perfect after hardening.

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