Flatness measurement under hot conditions often leads to inaccurate and unreliable results. Speed, rapid and large temperature variations, heat shimmering, cumbersome calibration, water and moist are factors that complicates the measurement. This applies to all applications in hot strip and plate mills, eg. after roughing mill, finishing mill, after laminar cooling and hot leveling.

To overcome this, Shapeline has developed a solution, VeriShape, for measurement on hot material based on laser lines instead of laser points or white light.

VeriShape can be used in quarto mills, such as roughers or plate mills, but also in high speed finishing strip mills.

The VeriShape-system

A VeriShape-system can be installed, operated, serviced and maintained without work on the roller table. It can even be calibrated and serviced while the line is running!

The heat-shimmering effect is reduced by moving cold air into the measurement field, which drastically improves the accuracy.

Shapeline solutions for hot applications enable you to increase your knowledge of the product you manufacture and gain full control over the process you use to make it. The combination of hardware and modifying software algorithms used for the evaluation of data allows us to calculate reliable measurements even on hotrolled steel.

Ultimate control

Our systems are designed to alert you to changes in the flatness profile feedback that ensures unexpected events can be immediately identified, verified and corrected, thereby avoiding waste of valuable material and production downtime.

Additional information relating to the temperature profile across the material enables the calculation of the product’s flatness when cold. Furthermore, flatness data can be used for compensation of thickness profiles from multi-sensor gauges and subsequent mill control. Built to endure the harshest of environments and improve the flow of the hottest production processes, integration of Shapeline non-contact measurement solutions results in higher productivity and greater efficiency.

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