If you are in the business of producing narrow, flat material, you probably need a device for cross-bow and/or flatness measurement to effectively improve the strip flatness. If so, take an extra look at the Shapeline VeriCompact system. The small external dimensions hide a measuring system with the same high qualities and performance as Shapeline’s larger models.

With a Shapeline flatness measurement system you can not only improve the product quality, but you will also get a 100% quality assurance system that notifies you whenever the flatness exceeds your tolerance level.

Main advantages


How it works

The Shapeline Strip Compact system is based on proven laser measurement technology. A continuous laser line is projected onto the strip, and a camera system observes the line from a different view. If the material is perfectly flat, the line will be straight. However, the smallest imperfection in planity will immediately introduce a bending of the line that will be detected by the camera system. The software computes the bending in microns.

The result is a simultaneous measurement of more than 600 points, a high-precision surface profile, independent of strip movements and vibrations. Each profile is the target of an exhaustive profile evaluation that consists of several hundred tests per profile. If the specification is not fulfilled in any part, an alarm is generated, and the area is marked red in a defect map. Other optional results can also be presented

Shapeline has two different sensors for precision strips. These gauges are used when the requirements for measurement precision is high (some micrometers), which puts high requirements on stability, calibration and resolution. VeriPrecise can measure strips of 1 m width with a precision of a few microns. A VeriCompact can be even more precise for narrow material.

The gauges are usually used to measure crossbow in quench and temper lines for material with high flatness requirements. This can for instance be saw-steel, valve-steel or doctor blades. Applications include quench tuning and quality assurance.

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