VeriShape – A novel approach for shape measurement in hot mills

VeriShape is developed for hot rolling applications. It is a concept as much as a product. The concept solves five difficulties in hot rolling lines;

  1. Calibration: A VeriShape system can be calibrated under hot conditions during production. No line-stop, heavy flatness references or work on the roller table is required. This has a number of advantages such as:

    – Reduction/elimination of line down-time
    – Elimination of hazardous and difficult work on the roller table
    – Calibration and adjustments are done under real production conditions
    – System installation can be done without line-stop

  2. Robustness: Thanks to the mechanical design, the gauge is tolerant for shape variations of supporting mechanics, which always occur in hot rolling lines due to temperature variations. This greatly improves robustness and reliability.
  3. No moving parts: The technology used is the same as for all our systems and sensors, laser line triangulation. Thanks to this, no sensor movements are required to compensate for width changes or material centerline side-shifts. Instead, both centerline position and width are measured and are also output parameters.
  4. High resolution: Our unique flatness measurement platform, ShapeCAT is designed to cope with the high-speed requirements of a full-speed hot strip mill. This means that flatness data at a resolution of 25*25 mm is generated also at a line speed of 25 m/s. In width direction, the full resolution is nearly 4000 points for a strip line and a lot higher for wide plate lines.
  5. High accuracy: Heat shimmering due to high temperature gradients is the most limiting factor to precision measurement in hot strip lines. A VeriShape system utilizes methods to remove these gradients.

All in all, VeriShape is a new way of thinking and has resulted in a very well performing solution that is straightforward to install and maintain.

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